Diversity in abundance


‘ka ora te ngahere, ka ora nga manu, ka ora te iwi’


How do we imagine the future?


That tangata whenua, whanau – hapu, and local communities of Whangaroa are connected and actively responsible in restoring, enhancing and protecting the mauri and unique biodiversity of Whangaroa ngahere.


To suppress pests with a goal to eradicate.


To restore the area of whangaroa to its former state when 250 years ago 9000
people lived here within an abundant ngahere and diverse environment.


The life of an average tree in the ngahere is 500 years. This equals 20 x 25 year
generations of caring kaitiaki, and is the long term goal of the whangaroa ngahere

and taiao restoration project.



The Kukupa feeds on and nourishes a diverse ngahere. When the ngahere has abundance so too is the Kukupa abundant. This is also our future vision for the ngahere and tai ao (environment). The Kukupa mates for life and they produce only one egg per year, which can then be eaten by predators.The Kukupa is a sign of abundant diversity that is dependant on the control of pests.  

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