Whanau hapu o Whangaroa

Networking for unity


‘The value of a network is in the connection of its ties’


Who is doing what, where?


This aspect of the project is where decisions are made, and where authority lies in Whangaroa.


Whangaroa have a long history of being an independent people. In 1835 the
declaration of independence conceived of in Whangaroa, “nga whanau-hapu” refers

to the grouping of an INDEPENDENT collective.


On this page you will find information regarding the whanau-hapu, local
communities, and organisations with participating interests in protecting, restoring,

and enhancing Whangaroa ngahere and taiao.


Plans for developing this part of the whangaroa ngahere and taiao restoration project

include the forming of members as a structured organisation.


Please contact us with your comments.





Tui has an amazing variety of songs and can mimick the sound of lsmost anything. Known to have been kept as a pet and taught to recite speeches. The Tui has the first call in the morning, the last in the evening and sometimes just keeps on going under a bright moon. It is an important pollinator throughout and often dominates the ngahere chorus. These attributes signify Tui as representing the networks of whanau- hapu cooperatives withint he ngahere and taiao.