The Issues


What do we know about environmental issues impacting Whangaroa?


Mā te whakatau ka mōhio    By discussion comes understanding

Mā te mōhio ka mārama    By understanding comes light

Mā te mārama ka mātau    By light comes wisdom

Mā te mātau ka ora    By wisdom comes life 


Issues around environmental degradation are being addressed, particularly the poor state of Whangaroa ngahere. We must find ways to collectively support the people of Whangaroa to address those issues.


Dean Baigent Mercer’s report on international corporate oil and minerals prospecting.

Climate change is real, urgent & catastrophic. The impacts, including fierce storms, droughts, floods and sea level rise are already being felt around the world.That is why we've been fighting the fossil fuel companies because you've got to tackle the problem at its source. Flirting around the edges will achieve little.In an effort to anticipate the changes that are already locked in I've produced this animation to show the effect of the sea level rise in my tribal district that we can expect over the coming years.What we can deduce from this mapping project is the extent of local infra structure like roading, bridges wharves etc that will be affected, also the economic impact of loss of productive land and businesses. In addition we see where we should not commit to any new development.And we can assess the impact to the cultural landscape including wahi tapu and urupa plus other sites of significance. Finally we can figure whose properties will be at risk and then make some decisions about what is feasible to relocate and start to plan tor that eventuality.These are very difficult discussion to have and solutions will not be easy so the longer the lead time to consider these matters the better.Mike Smith

Posted by Mike Smith on Sunday, 23 September 2018


The riroriro (grey warbler) has a trill and warbling voice giving information on a number of subjects in the ngahere and taiao to anyone who is able to listen and interpret their language. Reliable knowledge of issues is necessary in order to make informed decisions before we act. The riroriro represents knowledge relating to the protection, restoration and enhancement of Whangaroa ngahere and taiao.